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                    created in 1984 by Robert ROTOLONI

                    a “must” for most Nikon enthusiasts.

One more step ... NIKON KENKYUKAI  TOKYO

                    the place to go, If you are lucky enough to

                    be invited, and to be in Tokyo.

                    Even just through Internet, a place to visit.

To know everything about the ... Nikon F

                   Made by one of the leading european

                   connaisseur on the Nikon F. A gold mine

                    of pictures, infos and serial numbers.

                    Do not miss !!!


For real “crazy” ... Nikon Lens Numbers

                   Made and entertained by Roland  VINK’S

                    You will learn everything, on lens serial

                    numbers, date of production and amount,

                    of any Nikon lens.

The BIBLE ...the Nikon F BOOK

                   The most beautiful and complete,

                   3 volumes to become an expert.            

                   Written by Uli KOCH, leading expert

                   on  Nikon F , in europe  !!!

                    A MUST to read !!!

Very interesting site ... Hans BRAAKHUIS Nikon Site             

                    Made and entertained by Hans BRAAKHUIS,

                    famous european collector and specialist of

                    Nikon history . A must ... 

An other interesting site ...OSCARS COLLECTION            

                    Again a Dutch Nikon collector ..

                    With a lot of nice pics ...


Manuals ... Manuals ... Manuals ...

                 NIKON Camera Instruction Manuals            

               The only place to find so many Nikon User

                Manuals !!!  Free of charge !!!

               If you appreciated it, make a little donation,        

               it will help the site running, Thanks ...

For the real fans of the  F2 ..  Sover Repair

                   Made and entertained  by  Sover WONG

                        THE Specialist of the  F2 !!!!!

                To learn more about that fantastic body

                        or to get your F2 repaired or

                        just serviced ...  THE adress ...

No way to escape to «Facebook» !!

At least 18 Nikon Groups on Facebook....

Come on and JOIN US  !!!!

Nikon F6 Project


              John Crane fas fallen in Love with the last F !!!

               Enjoy his great site on the most acomplished

               film machine.

Nikon Brochures


               Nice collection of Nikon brochures,
               Cameras, Lenses, Accessories, etc ...
               Thanks to John Oliver for such a great job...

History of NIKONOS


                 Pete West, is certainly the world specialist in the famous
                 NIKONOS, the star of all cameras among divers ...         

                 Watch and admire ...

Batteries for your NIKON


               To find the correct battery model for your 

               beloved calera body ...
                Sorry French