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1953  Arrival of the  Nikon S2.

Nikon  observed a lot, listened a lot ... and the S2 is a ALL  new camera !!!!

  1. - 24 x 36 mm image size (finally adopted because of Kodak and his «KODACHROME» )

  2. - winding lever and crank system, instead of classical buttons....

  3. - new finder providing a 1/1 ratio image .. collimated

  4. - shutter capable of 1/1000 th of a sec

  5. - automatic «back to zero» frame counter

  6. - a single key to lock or unlock the back

Immediate success ... from 1953 to 1958 : over 56 000 samples

Two versions easy to recognize :

  1. -standard , everything is chrome

  2. -second , called «black dial» (some counters and dials on top plate, are black)

Of course, some black bodies, do exist... but in so small quantity, that they very sought after by collectors.

Bien sûr, des boitiers NOIRS existent, mais leur rareté en fait un objet de collection très cher.

It is also on the S2 that Nikon made his first tests of electical powering,

with the S2E ... certainly made at about 10 samples...